Year Built: 2013

4 bed · 4 bath · 8500 sq. ft.

The design of this home from day one was dictated by the property it was to sit upon.  The lot, being narrow in width but over 500 feet in depth, was quite a challenge.  The reward, however, was the lakefront view at the property edge with access to all the locations and amenities Eagle Mountain Lake has to offer, straight off the private boat dock.

The home was designed uniquely for the homeowner as a sanctuary from work.  It was to be a place to play, entertain guest, and enjoy her interests.  To achieve that goal, the space in the home was set up to maximize the lot and take advantage of the scenery.  As a break from the norm. the master bedroom went upstairs in order to provide a truly panoramic view of the water.  Her home office also faces toward the shoreline, as well as the open kitchen, dining, great room, and upstairs balcony.  A generous pool and entertaining area outside accommodate guests comfortably for any occasion.

Inside the home there is a full theater, a gym, several spacious guest rooms with private baths, a residential elevator to make life easy, and a master bath with a luxurious soaking tub equipped with a fireplace, and flat screen television that retracts into the ceiling when not in use.

There is one last additional unique item.  This home houses a 9 bay garage for her car collection. This was achieved within our limited space by employing three triple hydraulic car lifts.