Welcome to Slocum Design Group.


For the last 20 years, we have been designing some of the most beautiful homes in Texas.  Whether your needs are for an entirely new design or the renovation of your existing home, we would be delighted to assist in the Design process.  

We believe that the most important key to include in the design process is you.  A successful design is one conceived in a collaborative atmosphere of teamwork.  After all, it is your dream home to begin with, and it should be uniquely fitted to the individual you are.  Our job is to get to know you and the way you live.  Really understanding your needs first, and then using out extensive experience in the role of a team player with everyone in the building cycle is the best recipe for success.

In this spirit of teamwork, we will transform a blank sheet of paper into a tailor made design that is a tasteful reflection of your unique personality.  Please take a look at our gallery of work. We then invite you to contact us.  Together we can make your new dream home a reality.