Older homes in hot real estate markets often become the victim of the tear down trend.  That's why it was so refreshing to plan the renovation of this classic old home with "good bones" on Crestover, in Dallas Texas.

Instead of knocking her down and maxing out the lot with as much space as allowable by the City of Dallas Building Code, we worked within the scale of this older single level pier and beam home to add new space and amenities that appear as if they were designed into this home from day one.

An entirely new kitchen, breakfast room, and butler's pantry were added in an open concept layout. The existing downstairs bedroom area was converted into a much larger master and master bath with wardrobe.  A new lower level guest room was added as well as a larger attached garage.

Upstairs - well there originally wasn't one.......  We tucked an additional 3 bedrooms with a game room under a new one and a half story roof line, using traditional operable dormers to tie in to the original Architecture of the home.  

Congratulations to the builder who chose to tackle this project as a spec for sale.  We were informed this home went under contract very early in the remodel process - giving additional weight to the argument that you don't have to tear them down and destroy the history of older neighborhoods to be profitable.  Contact us to see how we can help add value to your existing home.